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Jopie -Tattoo Artist

Using bright, bold colors, Jopie is an artist who strives to create one of a kind tattoos that will stand the test of time and age as gracefully as you will. From the Sacramento Area, Jopie has always been a creative individual and had dreams only of being an artist. She started taking steps toward that goal by pursuing an apprenticeship as soon as she was of age. Since then, she has honed her skills and truly grew through personal experience and other trusted friends in the industry. Today, she is grateful and takes pride in the fact that her clients are repeatedly excited to wear her art for the rest of their lives. Jopie’s favorite subjects are the human figure and erotic art. She likes to show this appreciation by tattooing pin-ups, busts, and faces in Neo-Traditional and Traditional styles. Jopie plans to further her formal artistic education and career in Osaka, Japan, but is currently enjoying the bay area until then.